Khalid Ismail on training around injuries

After a year on the sidelines, James Reader talks to the undefeated welterweight ahead of his scheduled comeback scrap against Tautydas Lilekis at UCMMA 31 on 1 December

26 November 2012    |    0 Comments

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How do you deal with injury as a combat athlete?
Whenever you're injured you don't stop training, you just work round it. After my operation I mentally trained myself not to feel I was injured. I was back in the gym after two months, training with one arm and doing my kicks. Once the arm got a bit stronger I did light training on it and built it up. This time round I worked a lot more on skill, which was a blessing. I've worked on my jiu-jitsu and wrestling a bit more. I started off doing stand-up, but I've been doing wrestling and jiu-jitsu for the last 10 years. A lot of people haven't seen that side of my game.

What is your current training and diet regime?
In the morning I will do 18-20 rounds of skipping, shadow sparring, padwork, bagwork, using the dummies, ab work, and a lot of skill-based stuff, so we work technique with the coaches. I'll come back in the evening and do a run, some jiu-jitsu, strength and conditioning, or wrestling. My meals are based on natural foods. I eat a lot of veg, high protein and high fat [foods], and I usually only have one carb meal post-workout. I walk around 90 kilos, so I drop 13 to get down to 77.

Is ring rust a concern for you going into this bout?
I don't believe in ring rust and I've had enough sparring. I don’t over-do the sparring; we're really skill-based with our training [at LDG Fitness Centre]. Sergio Martinez has the same philosophy; when he's training he does a lot of mimic sparring so you're not getting beaten up every single day. We have live opponents as well, but we try to work certain techniques for three five-minutes with slight contact, but nothing heavy.

What do you think of your opponent Tautydas Lilekis?
I think he's going to be a good opponent. I know he's been around the circuit and this is my first fight back since a year off, so I'm jumping straight in there. I train for three rounds, but the way both of us fight it's not going to last too long.

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