Free Sample: Flyweight Brian Viloria’s lightening speed training

The three-time world champion explains what it takes to have two of the fastest fists in boxing

01 October 2012    |    0 Comments

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Image courtesy of: Gene Blevins

To read the rest of Brian Viloria’s speed drills, click here to get yourself a copy of issue 36 of Fighting Fit. To buy this edition via our app, please click here.

“Speed kills,” Brian Viloria states. “I would choose speed over power every time.” Fortunately, ‘Hawaiian Punch’ has both qualities in abundance and they have carried him to three world titles in two weight divisions. The current WBO flyweight king attempts to unify against dangerous WBA Super counterpart Hernan ‘Tyson’ Marquez on 29 September and believes his speed training – much of which he started aged just six – will afford him a crucial edge.

“I know I can punch – I have power – but I need to work on my speed. I’ll be working a lot on my footwork and that is the key to this fight along with my speed. If I work on those two I should have an easy night.” Brian certainly used his quickness of both hand and foot to great effect when defusing – and ultimately outpunching – the big hitting Giovani Segura in December and taking a revenge win over Mexican Omar Nino in May. These are traits honed since childhood with plyometric work providing additional benefits when the 2000 Olympian first joined up with the US national amateur squad.

“Speed has been extremely important to my success. From an early age I learned that if you’re quick, power and velocity comes with it. Defensively too, you can’t knock out something you can’t catch. It’s really important to get that speed up.”

To that end, Viloria shares, demonstrates and explains fi ve key drills he uses to develop and maintain his speed. Whether you are six, 46 or anywhere in between, these should get you moving faster.

This is really overlooked. It’s a great way to work your footwork, handspeed, everything to do with boxing. I relax my body a little bit and just throw punches at a really fast speed. I do this for 20-30 minutes without stopping. You must try to keep the same speed throughout. I shadow-box with a lot of head movement, foot movement – use the entire ring. For beginners, the most important thing is to stay relaxed, don’t tense up – let your hands fl y, throw full combinations, move in and out, all as fast as you can.

Do it in the ring because that’s where you actually fight. For advanced development,
use resistance bands too as these will help your fast-twitch muscles.

To read the rest of Brian Viloria’s speed drills, click here to get yourself a copy of issue 36 of Fighting Fit. To buy this edition via our app, please click here.

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