Review: Movember & Sons new rustic cookbook

Jim Reader takes an exclusive peek at the world famous charity's new collection of meaty recipes, Bring It On Home, and finds plenty of value for the training combat athlete

29 October 2012    |    0 Comments

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Image courtesy of: Movember

It's that time of year again when Movember, the charity which encourages men to grow as hearty a moustache as they can for the length of November in order to raise awareness of men's health issues, is upon us once again. To celebrate another year of 'Mo Bros' and 'Mo Sistas' raising money for Prostate Cancer UK and the Institute of Cancer Research, the organisation will be releasing another free and fantastically illustrated cookbook, Bring It On Home.

With its chefs favouring fresh ingredients and high quality cuts of meat and fish, plates of food such as Brad Stoward's Thai beef salad (pictured), Fred Smith's raw beef, capers, chicory and pickled walnuts, and Sam Wilson's grilled Cornish squid salad, chilli and grape gremolata, are ideal for the training athlete. For anyone who is finding their combat diet mundane and repetitive, there are enough recipes in here to help you mix it up and learn some new tricks along the way. This is, however, certainly not a cookbook for the vegetarians out there with almost every dish leaning towards the meat-loving carnivore.

VERDICT: Packed cover-to-cover with rustic, original and healthy meals that, for the most part, will fit very nicely into the training combat athlete's diet, Bring It On Home is a superb manual for anybody who is looking to mix some new plates into their routine and pick up some expert cooking tips and techniques in the process.

Bring It On Home is available from 1 November. Click here to register on the official Movember website today and put a request in for your free copy. Also available at various London ‘Mo Hubs’ and Movember parties and galas.

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