Hatton’s Garden Part Six: ‘The Hitman’ on Team GB boxing at London 2012

The former champion reflects on GB’s Olympic domination and on his own choices and achievements as an amateur

By: Ricky Hatton

20 August 2012    |    0 Comments

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Hatton’s Garden Part Six: ‘The Hitman’ on Team GB boxing at London 2012 | Fighting Fit
Luke Campbell | Fighting Fit
Luke Campbell | Fighting Fit
Luke Campbell | Fighting Fit
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I think without doubt we had the strongest boxing squad for years. Each and every boxer did us proud, especially the ladies. We should be very proud of what the squad has achieved for the country and the sport of boxing. The standard was excellent and it goes to show, with the funding and training, what can be achieved. Our boxers competed with the best in the world and came away with medals.

It goes without saying that Anthony Joshua, Luke Campbell and Nicola Adams all winning gold was amazing, but Anthony Ogogo beating the world number one seed Ievgen Khytrov, especially with some of the ordeals that he had to overcome, [was also amazing]. John Joe Nevin and Fred Evans are two others, with Nevin beating the world number one and Evans beating the world champion en route to winning medals. In the past we signed Joe Murray after the 2008 Olympics, so we [Hatton Promotions] will be looking at who is looking to turn pro and hopefully sign somebody.

It doesn't matter to me if they are top amateurs; I look at them as an individual. I train Ryan Burnett who had something like 98 amateur fights, winning 94, and he is an amazing boxer, and then again you have somebody like Scott Quigg who didn't do that much as an amateur but is making great progress in the pro ranks. I look at each individual boxer and what they have to offer.

I enjoyed the Olympics and it did make me think about my career as an amateur. I would have loved to have boxed in the Olympics but I had just won a bronze in the world games. I thought I should have done better but that was down to some strange scoring. The Olympics seemed so far away it would have been another four years and I just wanted to box as a pro. I didn't want to wait. But watching the Olympics on TV, I often wonder what might have happened if I had waited. I don't think I needed to stay amateur longer. I won so many titles and achieved all that I wanted to. Apart from going to the Olympics there wasn't much more I could have achieved so I was happy with what I did and I think I did the right thing turning pro when I did.

My amateur highlights included winning a bronze at the world games. I beat a Cuban in Cuba, which is always hard, and then I beat an American for the bronze. Winning the senior ABA in 1997 was another highlight, but putting on that England vest and boxing for my country is probably my proudest moment.

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