Hatton's Garden Part Five: What I've learned from my weight-gaining past

Ricky on the good and bad ways to make the fight limit

By: Ricky Hatton

18 July 2012    |    0 Comments

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Hatton's Garden Part Five: What I've learned from my weight-gaining past | Fighting Fit
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Seeing Julio Cesar Chavez Jr putting on a huge amount of weight between the weigh-in and the fight brings back some memories. I always used to make hard work of one of the hardest sports out there.

I'm well known for my blow-outs between fights. It's down to discipline and it definitely shortened my career. It's well documented that I used to like socialising between fights, going out with my mates. I would end up drinking and eating all the wrong sort of stuff plus I wouldn't be in the gym as often or do any other training as often as I should. But I always knew when I had enough and I used to look forward to getting back into a training camp.

At the very top you don’t fight that often so the result of piling on weight meant that I had to allow myself a longer time for my training camp. Towards the end I was in camp for 12-to-14 weeks. The first month or so would just be just to lose the weight. It was like a fight before a fight. I would do gym work on the bags then do bar bags as I got fitter (jumping over a metal bar for a minute then alternating on the punch bag for a minute then jump the bar for a minute then a one-minute rest.) I would build it up steady and towards the end I was doing 12 three minute rounds. I would go on a running machine at the gym and do weights as well then at night I would go on another run. Plus I always stuck to a strict diet. I would lose about a stone in the first month. I just took a longer training camp so that I could get the weight off at a steady pace.

I always drank plenty of water in my training camp so that I was always hydrated. I would reduce the fluids for the weigh-in. As soon as I weighed in I rehydrated myself. I took a Diuralite sachet, vitamins, protein drinks and then I would eat lots of small meals but often chicken, pasta, rice – stuff like that. On the eve of the fight I would look forward to a treat like a Chinese meal. I wouldn’t eat it all in one sitting. I also used to like having a full English breakfast on the morning of the fight. I’m not saying it's good for you, but it's something I liked to do. I used to put between 12-14lbs on come the night of the fight.

Over time I learned a lot of good things about making weight and getting the most out of my training camp. I also learned some bad things as well. Gaining weight between fights was definitely one of them. I should have eaten less and done more training between fights.

I said earlier that I got some things right and others wrong. I don't want any of my boxers making the same mistakes that I did. I will be strict with my boxers and I expect them to be disciplined when it comes to dieting and making weight. I don't want them ballooning up between fights.

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