Hatton’s Garden Part Four: Sergey Rabchenko becomes European champion

‘The Hitman’ continues his exclusive blog and discusses Sergey Rabchenko’s light-middleweight title win

By: Ricky Hatton

26 June 2012    |    0 Comments

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Hatton’s Garden Part Four: Sergey Rabchenko becomes European champion | Fighting Fit
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I was delighted to see both my fighters – Sergey Rabchenko and Adam Little – win on our big Manchester show.

I am very pleased with Sergey's performance and I am very proud of him. He's a lovely kid. Sergey is my first champion since I started training, and I am made up. The kid is like a sponge; he absorbs everything that I tell him. But to be honest, he is a work in progress. I have only worked with him for two fights now and I honestly believe that there is loads more than we can do together. If you consider that Alvarez took Ryan 12 rounds and then look at what Sergey did you can see he could be something special. Ryan can still be competitive, he just got caught with a very good shot and he had been boxing very well up to that. Body shots are a killer; everybody knows that.

In training we practiced on keeping a high work rate, and when we were conserving, the plan was to make Ryan work by walking him down, which is exactly what Sergey did. We spent plenty of time on catching shots, slipping shots and countering. You could see in the fight that Sergey was focused on following my instructions and if needed in the later rounds he would have had a couple of more ears to move in to as he was without doubt the fittest he has ever been.

I want to concentrate on improving his fitness and his defence. I want to do more work on the inside like working the body. Instead of hitting arms and elbows create the openings for the killer shots by prizing the arms open. He also needs to improve on his English but we know what to say to motivate him.

Adam boxed very well. Overall he was good, but I thought he caught some shots because I think he waited too long before getting his own shots off. Adam did stuff in the fight that we had worked on in the gym, so it was good to see that being put into play in the fight. Adam's jab was good again and he also threw some body shots that I would have been proud of – Dee Mitchell did well to stand up to [them]. He's still only a prospect and there is plenty to work on with Adam; he's another one who listens well and does what I ask of him.

Adam will rest until the start of the new season. He's had four fights in short succession, so he deserves a rest. He will probably have another six rounder and we will see how it goes. It would be tempting to move him along because of his talent but I want to take things nice and easy. There's plenty of time for Adam; he's still only a kid.

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