Hatton’s Garden Part Two: Little Man, Big Talent

‘The Hitman’ continues his exclusive blog, this time talking about unbeaten welterweight pupil Adam Little

By: Ricky Hatton

07 June 2012    |    0 Comments

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Hatton’s Garden Part Two: Little Man, Big Talent | Fighting Fit
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My first pupil as a trainer was Adam Little, the 6-0 welterweight from Kirkham. He’s really talented and great to work with. He’s the best I could have had as my first boxer because style-wise he’s the furthest away from me.

He jabs with his left hand low and uses lots of shoulder rolls. It’s important that I don’t train everyone the way I trained. I used to do a lot of bar bag and bodybelt – Billy Graham was the perfect trainer for me – but my methods might not be suited to Adam. He does very little bodybelt and for good reason. He likes to keep his distance, and really, we don’t want him trading at close quarters. He does a lot of hand mitts and combination punching, working on slowing the pace down.

I promoted Adam before I took my trainer’s license out, so I knew him already. When he approached me about training him, I said, ‘Let’s do a few weeks together and see how it goes,’ because while I’ve got massive confidence in my abilities as a trainer, I’m a rookie. I did a few sessions with Adam and he never looked back. He came from Joe Pennington; I’m very close to Joe and he’s done a lot of work for Hatton Promotions. Adam’s been with Joe from day one so he’s had a fantastic head start, but I think he just thought, ‘Maybe Ricky can add to what Joe’s already taught me.’ I was already a big fan, he looked like he had great natural ability and a certain arrogance or swagger, but he’s got to use it the right way.

There’s not a day goes by where we don’t work on something new; every day is different. I like doing pads, working on something technical every day. I love Adam’s attitude. He’s at college studying sports nutrition; he’s very intelligent, always learning. If he’s tired he’ll always dig in and go further, and he’s not shy about asking questions; he’s dead keen and wants to learn all the time.

He has an exceptional jab – one of the best I’ve seen – but it’s dead easy to just sit back and rely on it, so I’ve tried to make it even better. I’ve got him to shift his bodyweight left and right more so if his opponent makes a mistake, he’s in a position with his feet to produce as much power and leverage as possible. You do need your arm punches too but I’ve got him hitting harder so that when he does want to load up, wherever he lands on his feet, he can throw every punch from every angle.

He’s next out on our big Velodrome show on June 16. He’s already shown massive improvement but he’s still a baby in boxing terms. At the very least I think he’ll be a British champion, though it’s very hard to judge at age 20 but his talent is unbelievable. I think he can, in the next 18 months-to-two years, become British champion.

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