Martin Ward leaving no stone unturned for the Euros

Londoner heading to Turkey with confidence

By: Martin Ward

20 June 2011    |    0 Comments

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Martin Ward leaving no stone unturned for the Euros | Fighting Fit
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I arrived back from Lithuania on Sunday 22 May with my gold medal. It was a really good trip for me: three fights, three wins, beating Denmark in the quarters, Netherlands in the semis and the Armenian in the final – so can’t ask for much more than that. I performed better as the tournament went on and learned a lot from it; and it got me my place secured for the Euros in Turkey in a couple of weeks which I’m really happy about.

A couple of days rest and straight back to Sheffield on Wednesday 25 for our main prep camp for the Euros. A tough multination training camp with Ireland, Poland and Estonia – about 45 boxers in total! The camp went well. I got back sparring on Friday with the Polish kid and then Saturday with the Irish. Both good-quality boxers, and I could meet either of them in the Euros so none of us were holding back in the spars.

It’s been a really busy few days with the competitions, camps and media things. I got back home from the camp on Sunday and had to travel to Crystal Palace on the Monday for a Visa 2012 media day – the alarm went off at 6.30am so I could get there on time… wasn’t happy! Haha. I had to pose for pictures and do some filming but it was good exposure for me and something I enjoyed doing.

I was back in my club gym Tuesday and Wednesday with some quality sparring, getting ready for this week’s camp in Sheffield, which should be a busy one with both Podium and Development squads there. It was a busy week up in Sheffield with the media again. I did a couple of interviews with Sky Sports, Boxing News and a few newspaper journalists. I enjoy this kind of thing a lot more now that I’m a bit older; I used to get a little bit nervous but not anymore, they can’t shut me up now haha!

This is last camp before we fly out to Turkey so I just want to get everything spot-on in the final week of prep for these Euros. I don’t want to leave anything to chance in my training so I know in my own head that I’m 100 per cent ready. Looking forward I’m going out there to put in some good performances, which I know I’m capable of, and hopefully everything else will take care of itself.

So will write all about it when I get back after the tournament and my well deserved two-week holiday!


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