Free Sample: Anthony Ogogo's medal-winning combos

The young middleweight and Olympic bronze medallist shows us the slick combinations that earned him success at London 2012

08 October 2012    |    0 Comments

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Image courtesy of: Stefan Johnson/JP Boxing

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GB Boxing Performance Director Robert McCracken says his star pro charge, Carl Froch, is the perfect example to his amateur fighters of what can be achieved with hard work, talent and determination. It's surely no coincidence that Olympic middleweight bronze medallist Anthony Ogogo, one of Froch's principle sparring partners, has demonstrated these qualities in abundance. Not to give Froch all the credit, however, as Ogogo has shown a level of grit and mental strength that must, to an extent, be inherent.

Ogogo overcame so much in the years that preceded London 2012, his third-place finish must have felt like winning gold. He was dropped from the GB squad in 2008 after tearing his left shoulder then, having hit top form following McCracken’s appointment, the other shoulder came out of the socket completely in May last year. He "rehabbed like mad" and was able to compete at the World Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan - the first Olympic qualifier - just four months later. In his second fight there, he scored the biggest win of his career to that point in defeating top Russian Artem Chebotarev but the right shoulder came out once more in that fight, leaving him easy prey in the next round. Surgery was unavoidable and left Lowestoft's Ogogo with just four months to get fit and allow two months for sparring before the final Olympic qualifier in April. And all this while his beloved mum was ill. But Ogogo showed his character and qualified. "I worked really hard and didn’t give up," he understates.

Intestinal fortitude can only carry a fighter so far and Anthony is happy to credit his GB coaches for the marked improvement that carried him to a Games victory over World Champion Ievgen Khytrov and a bronze medal. Unfortunately, tiredness caught up with him and Ogogo lost his semi-final to a Brazilian, Esquiva Falcão, who had fought a bout less than his victim and had also beaten the injured Brit at the Worlds.

"My time with GB has been brilliant," Ogogo affirms. "When I joined for the second time I was 21 and I was at a bit of a crossroads. I was in Lowestoft and I needed something different, something new. I needed new training and I think it was a godsend getting Rob McCracken and bringing a new professional element to the training. Being back on the squad has made me an all-round better fighter. All the techniques I can do better now thanks to the coaches there. I"ve got so much respect for Rob and his team. They work on our weaknesses, but they also highlight what we’re good at and we do realistic things in our padwork then try it in sparring, including the following five combinations, which I am delighted to and share with and explain to the Fighting Fit readers."

To learn Anthony Ogogo’s five medal-winning drills, click here to get yourself a copy of issue 37 of Fighting Fit. To buy this edition via our app, please click here.

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