Alex Reid on his return: 'I want to show people that I'm serious'

We speak to the British middleweight ahead of his return to the cage against Sam Boo at BAMMA 11 on Saturday night

29 November 2012    |    0 Comments

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Who has been heading your training camp at London Shootfighters for this fight?
I've been training with Paul [Ivens] and Alexis [Demetriades]. I've trained with them since I was about 23. I've not been training in that gym for over a year, I've popped over there once in a blue moon, but now I've been living there. Just hanging around those guys, it's a very high calibre of peers and it's just going to rub off. They've built me up slowly because it's been so long. It's generally been with people who aren't too dangerous so I can get my confidence back. I've had enough battles and wars over the years to not have to test myself in the gym. You're not there to prove who's the toughest in the gym; you're there to win on fight night.

Has it been difficult readjusting to a full-time training regime?
My body is now re-accustomed. It's just starting to remember what it was like to be fit, fast and firing on all cylinders. I always keep reasonably fit, but not anything like a professional fighter. I can always run or do some weights, maybe do a jiu-jitsu class once or twice a week, but it's not enough. These guys are training two or three times a day. The beginners at London Shootfighters are as good as seasoned pros. I've always been doing a bit of jiu-jitsu, but not boxing and kickboxing sparring, you're a little bit gun-shy having not been in there. That was my number one priority, to get in there and mix it up. I had to get my confidence back, to get hit, that's the hardest thing.

What is your motivation for getting back in the cage?
The main thing is the credibility, regardless of what happens, win, lose or draw. I want to show people that I'm serious. I feel I've been very misunderstood and I've been thrown into something I was never ready for in the celebrity world. It's nice to do something that actually makes me feel happy; there are no other worries in that cage or in that ring other than the other guy trying to punch you or submit you. As scary as it is in the cage, you can relax. Whenever I've had stress in my life I've always turned to my training and just thrown myself into hard work. It's a very spirit cleansing thing and a good focus for that negative outlook. It's also a good way to support myself and my child.

What do you think of your opponent Sam Boo?
I'm not understating him and I've got no malice against him. Unfortunately he's just an obstacle that needs to be taken out of the way to get back to where I need to be.

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